A little sag but a lot of fum

A little sag but a lot of fum

Shit, those tits are perfect.

Natural is always better than plastic!

is it
Chum is Fum!

I came to say the same thing. There isn't a damn thing wrong with her tits!

Spoken like a true virgin

Fee fi foe fum. I'd like to stick my face in her bum.

That is grade A top shelf MILF material right here


I suspect that your downvoters don't like the idea that you're dissing your wife even though you're doing so to complement the OP.

Whatever your wife's boobs are like, appreciate them. They're the only ones she's got, and they're the ones you get to cuddle up to.

You aren't supposed to break the skin with your teeth.

What's fum?



Not when done correctly

yea i dont wana live in a world where her tits are considered saggy...especially since she looks exactly like katy perry

That's one I haven't seen in a while... and I was just fine with that.

I feel bad for her, and I feel like a bad person for judging her for it.

That doesn't mean she wants you to say it, too.

You're *

Your mom is a semi robot