A tender moment

A tender moment

and still, the dick is pixelated

Welp this awakened something in me.

Wow, Attack on Titan season 2 got really kinky all of a sudden.

I now want a giant woman to lick me. Just another thing I can't have.

Asking for a friend here: does anyone have source?

I had to download it and blow it up to even see what was going on.

Yup, pixelated dick right there.

Not with that attitude


macro/micro fetishes are super common. think godzilla but sexy. just look up giant women porn and you'll see. you can print out tiny cars and buildings

also they are gross because a lot of people like to be "crushed" or killed by giant things



Someone give this man the source

Sure that's why you downloaded it...

I'm not sure, I'm positive.

The Indian in the Cupboard reboot?

It reminds me of this scene from the Avengers comic.

It reminds me of from the Avengers comic.

They couldn't just have their fetish and be happy, no.

They just had to make it weird.

Look up "giantess."

There is absolutely a name for the this fetish, somebody will know.



You might like darksouls


Have fun waiting 6 years.

Try wielding with both hands!

Educational purposes only.

Yeah don't leave his friend hanging

Its a beautiful age we live in. If someone has a very specific fetish someone out there has the content to fulfill those desires.

I only found this. The video directs you to pornhub. http://www.holloporn.com/it/search/japanese-giantess/

"Hey you look perfect for this porn movie I'm shooting" "Alright, sign me up" "OK in this scene we're going to have you tied up while a girl licks you all over" ....... guy tied up waiting .... "Guys... where's this girl? wasn't there supposed to be a girl licking me all over?" "Oh yeah we're doing that all in post"

"wh.. what"

Giantess fetish