Barely contained (via r/AllAmateurPorn)

Barely contained (via r/AllAmateurPorn)

It's been hours now. Where's​ the hero with an album?

Not sure if you're being down voted for both your links being shit, which is fair enough, I guess, or because you found fuck all. If it's the latter, though, it's not fair, as you seem to be in a pretty large group of people who searched, and came up blank. Reverse Google Image Search, or RGIS, as I think I'll start calling it, just shat out a million and one godawful posts on godawful forums like, "Lol iz boobs. Look at boops... And ads!

Why thank you, Argus! It's good to know that the 90's internet lives on, but how 'bout you make me a fuckin' boat! (Or should we insert the extra letter, not have to fix the spelling, and call it Regis?)

Anyway, on something like page 13, (It was page 12.) credit goes to /u/nfwthrowaway for linking this

The only thing I can find to help confirm it being her is the acoustic guitar, which is too dark in one pic to even be sure it's the same color... Tenuous, indeed.

Oh, and the first of the two links seems fine, but the second has a redirect, so yeah. I'll try and chuck 'em on Imgur, I guess. Will update.

Edit: Okay, I got it all in a gallery, here. Of course Imgur jumbled it up, like it always fucking does, but after dealing with the fuckassery of that second site, I don't give a shit. (Besides the sometimes functioning site exit hijack, it also disables right clicks on that page, so you have to left click every image, to be able to do anything with it, making you reload the ads over and over so they can cheat their piddly, little ad revenue... from pictures they don't actually own, of course... Basically, fuck 'em.) Oh, and I think the actual porn pics are duplicated, but I believe those're the only ones. (Tell a lie, I ran 'em through software, and the only dupe it was smart/zealous enough to find was a dupe carried over from one of the sites... wanna guess which one?... Yup! The shitty one.) Also, I'm pretty sure two of 'em are totally different women... I think you know which site they came from, by now... I swear I'm not just petty... well, maybe a little.

Hmm. I just realized that it doesn't show up until the end of the gallery, so I'll add it here, just for shit's and/or giggles. Credit for the two links goes to /u/resorcinarene

And now breakfast goes to me.

Your cum would sizzle on that chest

A man needs a name

Yes please

this pic has been posted many times to Reddit, I've never seen a name or album shared


Haven't seen this image in a while.

Thanks, but really I just downloaded it and uploaded it. It's going back and sorting it or, alternatively, uploading one pic at a time that sucks... Which is why I didn't bother with that.

Well, it's just an image viewing and organizing program, called gThumb It's probably a fairly standard feature of that kind of software. Normally, it would've caught the doubles, but the files are technically different. In fact, the file sizes are, like, less than half the size, on the shitty site. I think the software just compares the file sizes, so it's like, "Dafuq are you talkin' about? These pics is different, yo!"