Crocodile wresting attempt went as expected.

That's no croc, that's a gator.

I've read all the comments including the part posted where the 'gator guy' explains it. But if you'll watch the .gif or video again you'll notice the guy in the red shirt's left shoe touched the gator's left foot. The gator reacted instantly to that side.

Ideally the guy who jumps on the gator to pin it down hits the gator all at once without the gator getting any warning. It's sort of one fluid movement on the handler's part. In this case I think that one slight misstep set off the gator's defensive reaction.

Also when gators attack something large when feeding they go into a "death roll" whether on land or in water. They do this to tear off limbs or chunks of meat to swallow whole. If you'll notice this gator released the handler arm on it's own and never tried to roll. To me that says it was a defensive strike. The gator wasn't trying to kill or feed on the handler, it just wanted to defend itself and end the threat.

It was more of a judo takedown.

It was just a prank bro.

Well the gif ended too soon, so I'm not sure if the croc got both his shoulders on the ground for the three count or if the dude tapped out.

The source video

Here it is from another angle and with much clearer video.

Dude's fine, just a bit scratched up. He jumped back on in less than a minute.

shows more too.

On Februrary 17 this was posted in WTF* and the top comment by /u/phishingforlove who explained

i used to work with these guys at gator country in beaumont texas. they were doing an educational show out in spring texas for the crawfish festival. the way we hand catch alligators is one person holds the mouth shut, and another gets on its back. we spent months trying to pin down exactly what went wrong but we're working with live, dangerous animals and sometimes shit happens. i promise you that Will (long hair) is 100% okay. i picked him up from the hospital and changed his gauze for the week after he got back. here's a pic of me and will before our gator rescue competition (simulated rescue scenarios with timer). this was AFTER he got bit. the glove on my hand was because i was fresh out of the hospital from a serious infection and i was trying to keep my hand out of dirty water.

EDIT: i just realized that in the picture if you look all the way to the left you can see danny (he was the guy in front in the vid)


TRIPLE EDIT: notice hows the gator let go of his arm? this was essentially a "hey fuck you m8" warning bite. the gator didn't go back after him or try and eat/kill him

I would link to it, but that's against Rule #9. Hopefully username mentions are fine.

Crocodile you'll see in a while, alligator you'll see later.

We have two separate cameramen and they both drop the camera when the gator attacks. They had one job

The real what the fuck here is the gif ending too soon.

The camera's right there! Chill dude!


He stepped on the gator's foot and the gator got pissed. I don't blame him, have you seen what a pair of alligator shoes cost?

Every time I see a post with "alligator" in the title , people correct it to crocodile and vice versa. Years later and I still think they're the same animal please help me

Well, yes, but it was triggered by the need to protect itself and not to feed.

Haha his t-shirts says something like "quick hands…"

I dont see the gator let go in this gif, but it definitely does not roll. Heres a longer version:

While true, I'm inclined to disagree about the gators intention for that guys arm. Cause it definitely looked like he was jerking it around trying to rip it off.

Snout shape: Alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts, while crocodile front ends are more pointed and V-shaped.

Toothy grin: When their snouts are shut, crocodiles look like they're flashing a toothy grin, as the fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw sticks up over the upper lip. For alligators, the upper jaw is wider than the lower one, so when they close their mouths, all their teeth are hidden.

Home base: Crocodiles tend to live in saltwater habitats, while alligators hang out in freshwater marshes and lakes.

Does anyone else when they watch clips like this root for the alligator?

There is always that one lady that screams at the top her lungs like she's about to lose her arm.


Quick hands or no hands

Huh? I just watched this 10 times and every time, I saw him hold onto the arm and roll, not let go and not-roll.


All the comments are making jokes but I feel so damn bad for the gator being in whatever shitty enclosure that is where he has to deal with being attacked, out of water, with a bunch of yappy idiot humans everywhere cheering.

I blame that box on the side, he comes in at a slight angle and so clips the toe. Best example of 'a tidy workplace is a safe workplace' I have seen yet..

Primal Rage, motherfucker!

Yooo i work at gator country in Texas, the place whose show this was and who the alligator belonged to. I know both of those guys and this happened most likely because the dude holding the alligators head down (not gunna use his name obviously) let go before the other guy was pinning him down. Number one rule is always to make sure the mouth is secure before doing anything else. By the way that alligator is now named after the guy he bit and he's known to break windows and other shit every time they take him on a show! He's just an aggressive alligator in general, normally their pretty chill animals, nothing like the man eaters that swamp people make them out to be (about .03 fatal attacks every year from American alligators and there are ~7 million in the country)

Edit: also alligators can see nearly 360 around their bodies, he knew the guy was there behind him even if he didn't touch his foot

Edit 2: also sorry to be that person but alligators roll a lot in defense, and they kill a lot without rolling too. Literally have at least one roll every day in defense

You're the only one in the house who can't take a joke.


Have you seen what a pair of Crocs cost?

Mama said that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

"Play stupid games, win stupid awards" should be the top comment.

Good judo throw by the gator. I hear he's a black belt. Or by now... probably just a belt.

FFS, right.

If it did the death roll, that guy's new nickname would have been "stumpy".

Yeah. Gator just wants to chill, leave it alone.

This is the death roll.

He definitely doesn't death roll. (Note that these are crocs not gators in the video I posted.)

I'm not sure how you screwed that up honestly. Sure it's not right title but it should've shown like this: /sub/watchpeoplelosinglimbs

This is animal cruelty at it's finest. Removing a wild animal from its natural habitat, restraining it, and the allowing someone to wrestle it in it's weakened state. It's basically the same as in Gladiator when Commodus stabs Maximus before the match so that he can win in front of everyone. That dude deserved to get his arm bitten and anyone who thinks it's okay to treat animals like this should be whipped in the streets.

Gator has great defensive aim.

I see you know your judo well.

Ideally the guy who jumps on the gator to pin it down hits the gator all at once without the gator getting any warning.

Well, ideally the guy who wants to jump on the gator to pin it down will decide that's a stupid move and go get a beer instead.

Damn that would be so fun as a videogame.

Animals fighting each other to the death with different martial arts.

Reminds me of an old Jurassic Park game for the Playstation that used the same concept but with dinosaurs. Was awesome.

So your argument is: "If you don't understand something, just assume there's nothing to be understood and avoid it at all costs."? That's a really useless and kind of silly thing to say. It contributes nothing to the conversation and it's a mentality that will get you nowhere. Can you imagine if everyone just wrote everything off the way you're trying to? We would be a failure of a species.

Spontaneously attacking someone with the intent to kill is an indicator of a dangerous being, human or otherwise. That type of being should be treated differently than one that responded reasonably to the given stimulus, even if the actions were exactly the same. That's why the distinction of the animal's intent is important. And it absolutely can be determined. The idea that no animal other than humans understand intent is simply preposterous. I hope you feel big that you got to 'lol' at someone though since that is obviously what this is about for you.

I was dreading that death roll that never came.

At least you don't beat us. Oh wait.

It's better than torsoboy

In Australia we have freshwater crocs too but they're much smaller.

Alligator is not Darth Vader

Should help if you're not sure if you're looking at an alligator or Darth Vader.

And he went for another attempt, what an moron.

He was like, "dude, that's my arm."

The red shirt was a good idea, as were the brown pants.


I'm only upvoting this for how hard it made me laugh. What an moron, indeed.

I hope cody kills his family.

That's no lady, that's my manwich!

Goddamnit. Thanks for the wholesome giggle.

Shouldn't have worn a red shirt, Ensign Ricky.

"much clearer video"

action starts

point phone at ground .1 seconds after the bite, see nothing

Oh my god! You're crazy bro!

Gator dont take no shit.

He already has a beer. In the video just before this part he clearly asks someone to hold it for him.

At the very end, he was like, "Asshole," and turns away.

His momma told him, "Well son, you shouldn't have stepped on his foot. What did you think would happen? Now, let mama kiss it and make it all better".

Lucky bastard gets away! Long version

Yeah sometimes I put myself in their position. What if two jackasses were closing my mouth, slapping me on top of the head and then tried to jump on my back when I'm just wanting to chill?

Go Gator Go!

Is it length? /sub/watchpeoplelosinglimbs /sub/watchpeoplelosinglimbs1 /sub/watchpeoplelosinglimbs12 /r/watchpeoplelosinglimbs123 /sub/watchpeoplelosinglimbsab /r/watchpeoplelosinglimbsabc Yep, 24 character max


All those crocs seem mentally disabled. The guy throws the food and half of them try to bite the ground.

Nice username brah

I hope his harm gets better.

"Get your hand off my PENIS"

Same. As soon as a saw the gator get his harm I immediately wince, waiting for it to get torn off.


because its "win stupid prizes".

Judon't know that

And you sir, are you waiting to receive my limp penis?

The irony of his tshirt is clearer too.

kinds of sad isnt it? when an animal feels its in danger and needs to defend itself. This is why people shouldnt fuck with animals like these, just like when people do the bull run.


an hero


Everyone should leave these nope prehistoric beasts alone

I mean, the other kids seem to be shitheads, but they're shitheads because they're being raised by shitheads. The parents, though, should be old enough to know better. Maybe they'll fall off one of the rollercoasters at Disney.

Crocodile toothy smile.

Alligator i don't have a rhyme for that one.