Grandma's dying wish

Grandma's dying wish

Hey! That's my dying wish too!

She wanted to feel what implants feel like, before she feels what being planted feels like.

This needs more upvotes. The guy's dyin' here!

That's my living wish.

Pls bring me boobs

EDIT: Well this post just got me some boobs, ty Reddit

Elliot has magic boobs.

I wish I knew why that was her dying wish

You can see an implant scare around the nipple. Nanna probably wanted to know how the fake ones felt.

A woman I used to work with got implants that took her from basically just nipples to a small B cup. She was ecstatic at having breasts of any size.

ITT: No answers

Did it work or is she still with you?

Cause everyone loves titties.

What is up with the one being squeezed? Is that a tattoo on the nipple? Is she wearing a pastey of some kind? Is it a mole? Am I seeing things?!

That's a modest boob job.

Scrubs is without a doubt one of the top 10 sitcoms of all time.

Funny, dramatic, touching, emotional, and at times inspiring.

Hell, it's worth watching just for Dr. Cox's rants.

Before she feels what being in plants feels like.

She's actually not dying. Just about to go in for surgery on breast implants herself. Wanted to know what to expect.

No he needs more titties

Honestly, it should have been a bunch of photos from Drake and Josh.

Huh, /sub/boobs is subreddit of nothing but nice ample women's breasts. This being reddit I half expected it to be something about birds, or maybe about people who can leave a whole group depressed with their statements. Good job reddit.

Because boobs
never thought this can be true

Also you can't jump from nothing or a cups to dd. You have to have it done in increments



You can, as my wife went from a to double d, and that was deemed normal by the surgeon who suggested it. She was thrilled (she did it for confidence boost reasons) , had zero issues.

Upvote for dr. Cox rants

Is the whole show like that? I might need to start watching Scrubs.

Didn't notice until your comment. Does her tit have frostbite?

Not everyone can do that. If you have the space/accommodations to make it work then cool. But some people can't even get a job done because there isn't enough tissue to go from nothing to an a

Somehow the face looks like it belongs to a seventy year old man too. There is a lot of confusion in this picture.

they do it sub muscular when thats the case. they form a pocket under the muscle above the rib cage. its more painful for healing but they look great. After my girlfriend had a tumor removed she decided to get them and went from flat as a wall to DD because she figured if she was spending all that money on surgery, she was gonna have some nice ass titties (her words)

Heh, those guys are totally a pair of boobs.

Is that a dude with implants?

Yep! It's one of the best shows of all time, IMO.

But he would look so weird with more than two bewbies.


thats a guess and isnt even op.

she might have lost her breast tissue due to breast cancer, and had them replaced with the same small-ish size. That might also explain why granny is feeling her up. Maybe granny has breast cancer too and will also get or consider implants.

She just wanted to know what her grandson's new boobs feel like.


That would hurt, wooden tit?

Found The Todd.

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I'm confused, because the face looks like an old man. Pretty sure nurse uniforms don't include cut off shorts with blingy belt buckles.

Fuck dude. Is 11 your default, or do you have to work your way up?

... -_- Megannnn

Before she becomes a vegetable.

I would wager a guess that the shower has had a mastectomy (and implant) and the nipple is tattooed on (common). And grandma is curious about the implant.

According to a bunch of Russian sites that come up after a google reverse image search, this is some kind of incest/retro old person porn. 30 seconds is too much for researching this image.

Damn, Herman back at Meadow Oaks is gonna be thirsty for some of that now.

Ass titties, you say?

Color me intrigued.

Haven't seen Total Recall, huh?

My guess is that she wanted to touch fake boobs and this was the first volunteer.

Because Boobs by Psychostick

High five!

I would hope​ that granny wouldn't be squeezing a frostbitten tit like that. Wouldn't that hurt?


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They went from 1 to 11, and that was deemed normal by the redditor that suggested it. They were thrilled (they did it for confidence boost reasons) , had zero issues.

My grandma went another way with it. Asked at almost 95 if she had any regrets, she said, "Yes, dear, but only one... I really wish I'd slept with a lot more men."

You need /sub/gonewilder

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Well when she pushes them together they are the same size as a skinny white girls ass, so ass titties is fairly accurate

Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which you can die.

"Might need to?"


Dude... You need to drop everything and boot up Netflix right now.

True shit

Terri Schiavo?

I think it's just an unfortunate angle and an unflattering pose. She has her shirt and bra pulled up and it looks like she was in the process of tucking her shirt under her chin to hold it when this picture was taken. But still.

I need to know wtf is up with that tit.

That's a dude. With boobs.

Who is the the woman to grandma?

oh god all it took was that first drum fill to bring back about a billion memories

It's not a tattoo of the nipple. Unfortunately masectomy scars are brutal and it's very hard to "fix" them. In the last few years, there's been an awesome trend of doing beautiful body art over the scars to help women reclaim their bodies.

Why is no one talking about this... One of her nips is black.

It's necrotic flesh; grandma is obviously sucking the life force from her young, nubile body.

Is kind of alive-o

I'll upvote your J Rock comment cause it wasn't lost on us all, buddy

Dammit. The only one I clicked and I can't stop giggling.

This guy is Reddit's Make-A-Wish counterpart

She wants to know how the implants feel.


The second best kind of boobs

She's got boobs now too

Betrayal five

It's Sunday and Easter! Do you work in a yarmulke factory?

I'm kidding. But I thought I remembered a while ago that all /sub/wtf posts were to be considered NSFW and didn't need to be tagged. I could be wrong though.


Finally an answer to what's going on here.


-fake tits

-dolphin belly button tattoo

-rose vine hip tattoo

-bedazzled belt


Looks like we got the white trailer park starter pack boys

That's a hint, Jeremy.

Also... Implant scars. The stomach is lean, but isn't toned nor does appear youthful. Ridiculously short shorts that even a porn star wouldn't wear. And, the coup de grâce, man hands.

Also... Implant scars. The stomach is lean, but isn't toned nor does appear youthful. Ridiculously short shorts that even a porn star wouldn't wear. And, the coup de grâce, man hands.

I'm pretty sure that's a dude.

Dr. Cox has invited you to Lake Laogai...

video for those unfamiliar with the reference

Yep! It's one of the best shows seasons 1-8 of all time, IMO

Ah! It's her former nephew and she wants to know how the procedure came out!

Whoa, no bamboozle!

It's usually not done so fast (by those who can afford multiple procedures) to avoid the "obviously fake" look. I.E. when a woman's breasts stick out from their torso at approximately 90°.

While its not usually a permanent issue, many women would rather the change from very small to very large, be more gradual, to also avoid stereotyping from those who see them everyday (as it tends to be quite a bit more obvious when someone jumps 4 cup sizes bigger over a six week vacation...). It can also help to avoid unnecessary permanent stretching of the areolas, as can sometimes be an issue with the more hastened process. Not stretching the skin so quickly, can also lessen issues like stretchmarks, and harsh surgical scars.

That and JD and Turk's bromance.

I'm not seeing a scar. All I see is the indentation from her bra..