Made me laugh a bit

Made me laugh a bit

I would let her touch my wood ( ;

Don't be so stumpy...

Wait, you're actually claiming that not only could no one have possibly come up with that before you did eleven days ago, everyone who coins the phrase now must have seen it first by your hand. You know, in that 1 comment 4 comments deep in a post with 498 comments in a completely different sub?

Similarly, I once met a girl with twelve breasts. Sounds weird, dozentit?

As an Apache attack helicopter that identifies as a giant leaky vagina I find wooden tits amusing

There's a tag in the bottom left corner. The title is this made me laugh. No where did I say check out this meme I made. My brother sent it to me this morning and I thought it was funny. Do you have a patent on the wooden tit thing now? Since I guess you said it once and it made people laugh. Hey everyone, blackout couch is the wooden tit guy now. Nobody's allowed to say wooden tit anymore unless you give credit to him.

Dude, I actually have wooden tits now. The other night, I met a girl with twelve boobs! I know that sounds crazy, dozen tit?

Leaf it alone...

That's the breast frame job I've ever seen.