My GF asked me to make a poster for her show, I drew her from memory. (NSFW)

My GF asked me to make a poster for her show, I drew her from memory. (NSFW)

I think we would need a photo to compare this to an orginal. For science reasons

I think you drew her from mammary.

Reddit in a nutshell: there are any number of breasts readily available on the internet, but I need to see these.

It's likely this girl, submitted from his account -

Nice tits, butterface tho.

Hey, once you've seen one pair of want to see them all.

Yes, for science.

This looks like she is wearing oversized pants with boobs somehow attached in front.

Hahah Jesus Christ. Redditors are as resourceful as they weird and horny. Anyway, enjoy the jokes. You earned em, you creepy dildos.

She knows, she just got 30 subscribers. She left me for Daniel Tosh, can't be seen with a low level comedian anymore. Should have drawn my own tits.

Wow she didn't even mention her vagina one time. Amy Schumer take notes.

That is the breast way of going about it.

for science

She actually was pretty funny though.

Here's her cleavage

Science man here, at your service.

Tell her that Reddit approves of her comedy

Anyone else get a Dennis Reynolds vibe?

Stop trying to milk it

For science

Women are smart and funny.

Not to be sexist but I'll perfer a science woman.

Scientific masturbation


Thanks a bunch, now I can't unsee it.

Gets pitchfork

Funnier than most of the stuff on this subreddit.

We need to see them. For science.

Get a grope of yourselves guys

Indeed! For Science!!!

She's doing a comedy show so presumably she has a sense of humor

Reddit can never hold a candle to Youtube comments.

"i would like if this lady put me in the front pocket of her dungarees like a baby kangaroo. she is a hottie pie."

It's Very generous

This is actually really good marking

That's not saying much.

Masturbation of Science (MSc)

We get it, Frank.

Lol you say that as if Amy Schumer isn't already taking notes. If there are jokes to steal you can be assured that she's taking notes.

I really hope you didn't draw better tits than your girlfriend's, this could affect her self esteem.

Your tit drawing game is A+ though.

Triggered for science purposes

Don't act like you aren't glad you clicked it.

Don't you mean, ex-girlfriend?

-Ron White

In this case for art, we need to see if he captured the soul of her tits.

You mean if I have a noseless GF with 8 hairs?

and masturbation

It's very generous

i just want it to masturbate over

If she's anything like the drawing then dang boi

All hail the Five-Star Man.

*drew her from mammary

Aye she's actually funny!

Oh boobies, they brighten up the darkest days.

Curse your girlfriend's awesome, rocking tits!

He even gave her some ideas for the stand-up.

If that is even remotely accurate, you're a lucky man my friend.

Take your upvote and get out.

We always start with a high quality pun, then just cruise downhill in the bandwagon until we're scraping the bucket with stuff like "get a grope of yourselves".

Working tit-le