On her knees

On her knees

Looks like most of her tattoos are Inuit inspired and her IG says she's Native, making the parent comment come off even more dickish than it already was.

It's not the Native Americans fault that some of our coolest artwork ends up on cheap crap. I used to joke with my Navajo wife whenever I'd see her tribe's patterns on Walmart clothes. I'd make a Mugatu voice and say "Native, so hot right now." She wasn't too thrilled about it.

Taylor White

...the belly rocker is inuit i'm pretty sure.

lol nah, i totally missed it. should have just said native if you meant non-specific. aztec and inuit have very little in common, even artistically. alaska vs. mexico, totally different climates, cultures, and even biology ha.

Close but not quite. It's actually art from the west coast of Canada by the Sailish people.

thankfully this girl is native and from the PNW, where this native art style is from.

Cool, thanks for the correction. I'm not super familiar with tribes outside of the Southwestern US.

No worries hombre! I'm the opposite, know all about the northern tribes and nothing about the south lol.

Good to know. Back to the matter at hand, the hot girl with Indian tattoos is Indian.