Party time

Party time

That roof is not gonna hold

It was my first thought as well, unless they are in a climate requiring roofs to account for snow loads in the winter then they might be ok

I haven't seen what website watermark in like 12 years haha. Wonder if it's still kicking.

Reminds me of that anal milf

As a German this was my first concern too. Roofs are not for being on, they're for being underneath.

I recently built a garage so I did some calculation on snow weight. And what I calculated with my 21m2 roof need to withstand snow during spring that weigh up to 400kg per m2. Even if that roof is built to withstand much less than that it should be able to cope with up to 30 persons.

Damn you must live way up north, that's a lot of snow load.

Better to build out for the freak storm than the common ones...

Also, you've wasted six years here! Congrats!

Reminds me of this.