Skateboarding through cactuses

He could have easily cleared 20 or 30 homeless with that jump.

Is this the same dude who tased himself in the face and blew himself uo with firecrackers

You probably would too


Source - Steve-O

When Steve o calls you an idiot and says he wouldn't do it you know it's a bad idea.

i used to think that guy was an idiot for subjecting himself to such extremes all for the sake of youtube views. then i realized i spent a good part of my teen years watching Jackass and praising those guys for the crazy shit they got up to. it's really the same thing.

Why do I get the feeling he hates his body?

I can't possibly jump these many homeless people! I won't risk it! I could jump two homeless people, maybe three, but asking me to jump this many is asking me to risk my life, Kyle!

Also, "into" not "through".

I was trying to leave it up in the air as to whether he succeeded or not.


The jackass guys got paid millions though.

Sarcasm, sweetie

Did you hear about ku klux kenevil? Jumped 30 black guys with a steam roller.

He is still there today.

They started making serious skate videos, and gained some success for doing crazy stuff, which encouraged them to do more crazy stuff, which brought more success, on and on. I don't think they ever had a point where they were just desperately trying to get attention like this dude.


Like, the majority of the stuff he does on jackass could at least possibly go down in a way where nobody gets hurt, or at least looks like it plausibly could from a layman's perspective. Here, not so much.


Is this the same dude that just got burned to a crisp on reddit?


I wonder what "success" is in this context

Dunno if it's worse than this though:

The stuck pig screams make it that much more intense

Important to wear knee pads and a helmet to skateboard naked into a bunch of cactus plants.🌵

at least he had some padding

Did he just die at the end?

Johnny Knoxville started off testing defense gear on himself for Big Brother Magazine.

Bam Magera made home made videos of himself skating and doing dumb shit with his friends.

So no.

Honestly, for a moment when he got up off the snow I thought the remnants of the firecracker strip was actually his seared flesh hanging off his back. Just for a moment.

Did they start out that way?

Serious question. I have limited knowledge of the whole thing
The tasers

and the firecrackers. He's also done a bunch of other crazy shit.

It would have been to not ride a skateboard into cacti.



The CKY skate videos is what started it all...Bams brother Jess is the drummer for the band and they basically made a skate/prank/thrasher movies with his brothers band in the background. Music video stuff. At around cky2k/cky3 you can start seeing actual jackass but primarily cky footage. Cky3-4 really started introducing the jackass crew. Then MTV came along. This is my timeline, I am not sure of the accuracy. I used to take advantage of CCS magazines as a young lad, that is how I found out. Laughed when I seen "Jackass" on MTV.


You're not too bright, are you?

Jackass 3D was pretty sad to watch though. I think a lot of the guys were starting to have some perspective on what their lives had become and I don't think they were all too stoked about it.

cactuses is most certainly a word


Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and this is the "Cact-Ass"

God dammit

He is on his way back for sure.

Wrong wild fat dude

This guy probably made $20 from his videos lol

And one of those has 8k views. Not really an internet sensation for all of that suffering.

Pretty sure Stevo needed money after getting sober in a bad way. I think that is the only reason he did the last one. His last hurray to make some money and not blow it all on drugs and alcohol. Luckily for Bam he had a big ass show and endorsements. I think he had too much to blow, got sober and now has picked skateboarding back up. Lost a bunch of weight and now lives in Spain.

Cacti aren't going to do anything worse than a flesh wound, but you might never fully recover if you mess up your knee or get a concussion.

Safety first!...ish


Is that Preston from jackass?

That was disturbing. I wish I never watched that.

,on the other hand is full of cactus spines...[ftfy]

They do stupid stuff like this a lot but usually get a laugh out of it afterward. Still, take some /sub/eyebleach.

hence the word "majority"

Hey technically it was possible he could make that one unscathed.