Stunning babe

Stunning babe

Lacey Banghard. I interviewed her for a job once....she got the job.

What job

Did you know about her modeling before or did she have it listed on her resume?

This was before she became a model. She left the job to become a Page 3 model :)

Call centre worker. She was very good on the phone. The only reason I hired her of course...

Yeah it was kinda funny seeing her naked in loads of magazines after working with her :) There's a daily tabloid newspaper here in the UK called "The Sun" and on page 3 everyday is a picture of a model with her tits out. Great newspaper ;)

Wow, must be interesting working with a hot chick then getting to see her naked after the matter. I'm guessing page 3 model is a model featured on the third page of a magazine or is there something more to it?

Awesome Cute girl

Take it easy man, I'm only saying that because she looks mildly like that chick and I'm also disagreeing with the comment I replied to