Usually there is only one crack I see through my windshield...

Usually there is only one crack I see through my windshield...

It's really unsafe to drive around like that OP. Fix your windshield.

Pure Michigan

This was in Jackson, which suitably is the butt crack of Michigan.

My car is falling apart faster than Tom Hanks's house in The Money Pit. :(

Well then I'll give you this advice. You're going to have to work to save your relationship OP. You'll come out stronger on the other side.

The plot of the Money Pit....

I can't compete with european conductors.

Of course it was Jackson...why does that not surprise me.

You know that feeling when you're leaving the house and you feel like you've forgotten something, but you just can't figure out what it is?


Yep, I bought a house there last August since I work in Ann Arbor and am too poor to live in Ann Arbor.

Of course, but Flo is stiffin' me.

No. Or rather, Its relative. They don't feel trashy because they see even trashier shit every day. Pantsless on a Harley? Shit thats the classiest thing that lady did all day.

After sex with a dog for meth and stealing from your mom, pantsless harley ride is like Cinderella going to the ball.


This peach was in Jackson, MI. There is a video of her sans jacket, I believe she says, "yolo" at one point.

Cannot figure out how to link video from Facebook to here. I am the dumb.

At least in my state, insurance has to replace windshield glass free of charge when it is damaged.

You DO have insurance, right OP?

Wow, this lady must have taken a tour of the city or something.

No, it was pre-citation. This was just prior to her removing the jacket. When she finally turned, she was as naked as the day she was born.

Hmm, both bikes are HD Sportsters with leather bags. We have a match! OPs photo must be post citation since she has a jacket on.

Jackson, MI this morning! My wife just told me about this on lunch!

I do. They judged that the window would have to be replaced entirely (the crack runs the length of the windshield) and therefore would need me to pay a deductible. The deductible is more than they estimated the repair to be.

I gave them a call. They're not covering it. And I'm getting married in a couple of weeks and am stretched very VERY thin on cash. Hence me putting it off.

I hope he put scotchgard on that seat

Since moving to Michigan I've never seen anyone use the slogan positively.


Meh, no worries. You're not a mind reader. I think the fates are trying to kill my car. The crack, the side-view mirror broke off, the window opener panel broke and fell into the door, two blown tires...all over the course of like a week and a half.. Once I get hitched I'm going to just take it in and get it ship shape again, but I was absolutely brutalized with car costs lately and had to prioritize. Tires were the priority for now.

Grand Rapids is cool

Because we ran out of dental floss

Look at this guy, having enough money for car repairs. Just duct tape it OP. My car is held together with duct tape and zip ties.

Sorry if I come off judgmental. I didn't know your situation and shouldn't have assumed it was laziness. My bad.

Look at this guy, still has dreams.

Especially ones with fabulous hair.

Mine doesn't! $500 deductible, funny how my windshield quote was for $490...

Yep, I witnessed her pull off the jacket. Is the video from today, too?

Some car insurance covers windshield replacement without a deductible. Really no excuse to have a cracked windshield.

Edit: sorry, it's only Florida, Kentucky, and SC

Sounds like you've never been to Michigan...


That's only state law in FL, KY, and SC unfortunately. Here in WA it was cheaper for me to go to the local auto glass guy and drop $200 than it was to pay $350 deductible for their people to do it.

Hydrant flushing

Where are you on West Ave? I live on West Ave!

Can confirm. Living in Ann Arbor. Rent destroys my wallet.

All chaps are assless. Chaps that aren't assless are called "pants".

We are the same. I work in Detroit tho and the commute sucks ass. But we're gonna move out of this place when I get a better paying job and can afford Ann Arbor

Who ever told you only those states can cover auto glass breakage for no deductible is full of shit.

Source: Insurance Agent in Michigan.

UGH. Sorry. It is a pretty big crack... Can you get it repaired on your own for a price similar to the estimate (lower than the deductible)?

Same idea I have. It's just so damn expensive. Though the cascades are cool. I wonder if we're neighbors!