Walking And Crawling

Yep the one crawling is Jada Stevens and the one walking is Alexis Texas

The one crawling looks like Jada Stevens

For the love of science were is the Sauce !


Yknow, I was guessing the blonde was Alexis, but I wasn't 100% sure just from the ass.

This is basically a visual aid for why some people like seeing women in heels.

It just does something to the butt and legs when the feet are perpetually walking on tiptoes. You can see the comparison here so well.

Might also prove popular on /sub/lovetowatchyouleave


I like your outlook on life, brother

Check OPs comment history - adblock/ublock recommended but he posted the full source.

Some people just have much more exciting lives than I do. But I've got some guacamole and chips, so I suppose it's not all bad.