When I get a flat tire in Detroit

Its the section of the zoo, where you can drive thought to see the animals in their new habitat.

OP is dirty fucking liar. If he has car in Detroit, it doesn't have tires. Or wheels, or much of anything else beyond a stripped frame.

I'd rather use Google Earf.

And what do you see in the clip? :)

KANGZ lining up to receive their copper-jacketed Darwin Awards.

And that this couldn't possibly be Detroit in any case; not enough burned out rubble and Gratiot Ave.

I seriously fucking thought they were monkeys.

Black hawk down

That's fucked up. I was a Ranger there that day. To this day I could care less if every fucking Somali died, they are fucking animals and treat each other like animals. He'll, even fucking black people hate Somalis. So let that place go fucking rot in hell.

Wait, they aren't?