Whew, that was close

Whew, that was close

Did they just slap handles and a couple stickers onto a cooler?

Why are father and daughter holding eachothers hands?

How every "Gathering Of The Juggalos" should end

I hope this is a serious question because if it is I get the satisfaction of being the one to inform you that's a coffin for a small child.

At least they sprung for a Yeti...

Seriously, if there's ever a time to take off the ICP swag and put on something nice it would be this... But fuck that, right?

Dead babies & sad clowns

They're Mormons

Is that an ICP sticker?

Well, given a few more years it would probably have needed a Yeti-sized coffin.

The child was stillborn. Anabelle Lotus. The mother tried to milk the death for free ICP swag on a public radio station.

To show that they have class

hopefully basketball americans and mexican americans

jesus is that a juggalo baby funeral?

Just like the mod's ass hole

I think the mom posted a pic of the baby with a gun on Facebook then the baby shot itself and she posted something like "omg my baby shot herself call 911"