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NSFW Hand farts, water droplet noise, and finger popping.

NSFW Hand farts, water droplet noise, and finger popping.


Hand Farts: Clasp your hands together perpendicular as the ending spot for a clap. the inner part of your hands make the sound chamber. practice adjusting the position and interlocking of bottom thump and top index finger and practice from there.

Water Droplet Noise: It's a cross between blowing a smoke ring and something else. flicking your cheek with your index finger can help. make the motion of blowing a smoke ring with your jaw lowered slightly - making the W sound and bring your jaw up and push air out slightly. if you flick your cheek towards the end of the exhale it can make the sound pop louder.

Finger Popping: take the index and middle finger of one hand and the index of the other hand whichever you prefer. put the lone index finger between the other index finger and middle finger resting the inserted index finger on the webbing between the middle finger and index finger. push down slightly. Put this tangle of fingers with the Cup / Space formed by the fingers against the bottom of your chin (to form an airtight chamber) and pull the index finger resting on the webbing down quickly. Pop!

Can someone teach me how to wink?

Can someone teach me how to wink?

I have never been able to wink with just one eye, is there anyway i can learn this?


We did it guys! It took almost a week with hard training every night, but now i can finally make all the ladies swoon with my goofy looking wink. Thank you for your help.

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