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The Rogue One novelization releases today! Discussion Announcement!

The Rogue One novelization releases today! Discussion Announcement!THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS POST, BUT COMMENTS BELOW INCLUDE SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK.

The Rogue One novelization is now out! Pick up your copy from your local bookstore or Amazon. It is also available as an ebook, and as an audiobook from Audible. You can also check your local library.

Let's all find out how the book differs from the movie!

As always, we will post an Official Discussion Thread two weeks from today, on January 3rd.

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Admiral Ackbar's promotion

Admiral Ackbar's promotion

I'm sure we can all agree that Admiral Raddus was a pretty badass character in Rogue One. However at the end of the movie we see his capital ship boarded by Darth Vader, with him presumably still on board. I guess Vader is just really into promoting new people to Admiral, rebels and imperials alike.

edit: I think a movie about "Rouge" One could be an interesting new take on the star wars universe....

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